About us

We are a corporation and a start-up founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs, with over 20 years of experience running a number of businesses, while always keeping in mind the importance of fresh and innovative minds. The combination of deep business functionality understanding, combined with the perspective from smart young talented individuals, is our forte and an asset which we highly value.

Therefore we are proud to present S4S as an Information Technology solution provider with deep focus and vast experience on Business Application, Mobile Solutions, Network Infrastructure, Broadcasting, Media Support and Maintenance, Internet Connectivity and Server Provider, while always understanding the importance of privacy and security in doing so. Combining long experience, comprehensive technical competence and extensive exploration of the latest innovative technology, we aim to help our clients achieve high performing and successful businesses, as well as offer them the best range of products.

We provide comprehensive professional services such as Software development, System integration, Technology Audit, Performance Improvement, and Managed Service for system Application and Network Infrastructure. We also provide productized solutions such as: Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Access Control and Visitor Management, Network Performance Monitoring, Network Management system, as well as wide range products of mobile and multimedia application.

In providing professional service, we help the client to plan, design, develop, test and integrate their Infrastructures and Application System as well as post implementation support while our product propose to help client to solve common issue in day to day business operation to improve productivity and profitability. In case they need specific function or feature, our products also have flexibility to be customized.